We make our vehicles safer so that your goods are safer.

The number of traffic accidents resulting in death reached a record low in the EU in 2013. This is not least due to the numerous new vehicle technology options that increase road safety.

Our vehicles are equipped with all the driver assistance systems available for the safety of drivers and vehicles. With the installation of the Active Brake Assist system 4, we meet and even exceed the EU requirements. The EU general Safety Regulation stipulates that every lorry be equipped with an emergency brake 4 assist that decelerates the vehicles before collisions. Our vehicles are equipped with the assistance system from Mercedes called the Active Brake Assist 4, which not only slows the vehicle down but automatically initiates a full emergency braking when the minimum distance from other road users is not maintained. This significantly reduces the risk of rear-end collisions and can save lives.

A lane assist warns our drivers when the lorry veers out of its lane unintentionally. In a study the German automobile club ADAC estimated that the number of lorry accidents can be reduced 49% with the use of lane assist systems, we have already implementing it.

Proximity Control Assist helps maintain the prescribed safety distance from the vehicle ahead. It slows down the lorry automatically if the safety distance is not maintained and also accelerates the vehicle again when space becomes available.

An Alertness Assist keeps and eye on the drivers' driving style on the basis of their steering, throttle and brake behaviour. When changes in the driving style such as repeated jerky braking occur, it will alert the driver that he might be fatigued.

We began implementing the electronic vehicle stability control system (ESP) long before it became mandatory. ESP prevents lorries from swerving in dangerous situations by implementing a targeted braking of individual wheels.

Cruise control helps to maintain a steady speed and not be carried along by faster traffic.

IMPEX has for a long time made it mandatory that its vehicles' are equipped with mirrors or cameras that help monitor the blind spot next to vehicles where "invisible" road users such as cyclists may be present.

Our vehicle monitoring ensures our drivers observe their prescribed regular rest periods. The only good driver is a wide-awake driver and is one who reaches his destination safely and accident free.

Your goods should also reach their destination safely: Safe handling of your products and smooth transport are important to us. That is why our vehicles are equipped with a special structure that stabilises your goods. In addition, our vehicles are naturally equipped with adequate load securing equipment such as tension belts, tension rods, clamping bars and non-slip mats. Our drivers have of course received the highest levels of training in handling the load securing equipment in accordance with Occupational Drivers' Qualification Act (BKrFQ).

Because SAFETY is our highest priority!