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IMPEX is your number one choice for all your transport needs. We excel in the transport of pharmaceutical products, customs clearance using the ATLAS electronic customs system, courier shipments as well as air and sea cargo. We are located in Wedel in greater Hamburg, the gateway to the world.

A brief introduction to IMPEX and where we come from:

IMPEX Speditionsagentur GmbH founded in 1998. Our roots, however, extend further back to the Daimler-Benz Group. At first we operated as an agency business only, but we systematically expanded to become a full-fledged transport company. Today IMPEX has a proud fleet that traverses Europe for you. We have vehicles in all sizes - from vans to articulated lorries (40t lorry) - at the ready for you. Since 2008 we have specialised in the transport of temperature-sensitive goods, in particular for the pharmaceutical industry. We our continuously expanding our company's transport fleet to better serve our customers.

Shipping temperature-sensitive goods, whether they are hot, cold, or both hot and cold presents no difficulty for us at all. IMPEX operates according to GDP (Good Distribution Practice) and our vehicles are certified for transporting pharmaceutical goods.

Of course we also transport your standard general cargo as well as partial and full loads. For global air and ocean cargo shipments we have a strong network of agencies made up of partners in many countries.

IMPEX also offers attractive conditions from reputable courier services for worldwide shipments.

We assist you with your activities in all aspects of foreign trade regulations. Of course we are also delighted to assist you with any issues you have concerning customs clearance via the ATLAS electronic customs procedures system.

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